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Two mistakes that can leave you in need of the assistance of an emergency plumber

There are some mistakes which, if you make them, could leave you in need of the assistance of an emergency plumber. Continue reading to learn more about these mistakes.

Not keeping your garden tidy

Whilst it might sound strange, failing to tidy your garden could potentially damage your property's plumbing system.

If you rarely, if ever, sweep up the dead leaves and twigs that fall from the trees in or near your property and onto your lawn and garden pathways, some of this debris may land in one of your home's outdoor drains. Over the course of weeks or months, the number of leaves and twigs in the drain may accumulate to the point where the drain becomes completely blocked.

This could result in your home's plumbing system becoming so blocked up that the indoor drains (including not only the sinks but also the shower and the toilet) start to overflow.

This type of plumbing problem can inflict serious damage on a house in a very short space of time, and as such, it usually needs to be dealt with immediately by an emergency plumber.

If you don't contact a plumber as soon as you notice your drains overflowing, the dirty water emerging from these openings could flood your home and lead to the development of mould and dampness. It could also destroy any wooden floors that it comes into contact with (as wood will usually rot if saturated with water) and put you and your family at risk of illness (if you touch dirty water that is contaminated with pathogens).

Fortunately, you can easily avoid this type of situation simply by making an effort to regularly sweep up any debris from your garden before it can fall or be blown into your home's outdoor drains.

Using your toilet as a rubbish bin

If you or other members of your household have a tendency to toss things like cotton buds, make-up remover wipes, baby wipes or the loose strands of hair from your hairbrush into your home's toilets, there is a very good chance that you may find yourself having to hire an emergency plumber at some point in the future.

Unlike toilet paper, which starts to disintegrate the moment it is thrown into the toilet, the above-mentioned products will remain intact even after they have been submerged in the toilet water for a long period of time.

If several of these items are thrown into your toilet drain at once, they could potentially form an obstruction.

If this obstruction is very large, it could cause the water in the toilet to overflow when it is next flushed, or worse still, it could place so much strain on the walls of the pipe that it breaks and the water inside it pours out. In this situation, you may need to ask an emergency plumber to remove the obstruction or repair the damaged pipe.

Given this, it is vital to avoid using your toilet as a rubbish bin.