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5 Reasons to Consider Fibreglass Insulation For Your Home

Adding new insulation to your home can help control everything from energy bills to noise pollution, so it's wise to consider all the available materials. When you do, you're likely to find that fibreglass offers a wide range of advantages. Here are just five reasons it's ideal for residential insulation.

1. Excellent Performance

The most important thing to consider when comparing types of insulation is how well each material can keep your home cool during the summer and warm during the winter without seeing your energy bills skyrocket. Insulation effectiveness is measured by R-value, and fibreglass insulation tends to offer high scores that exceed most other materials. Since you can order fibreglass insulation in various densities and thicknesses, you can even perfectly adapt the level of insulation to your needs.

2. Good at Blocking Sound

The main purpose of residential insulation is to control interior temperatures, but it can also be used to absorb and block soundwaves in order to minimize the amount of noise that gets through your walls and ceilings. Fibreglass is excellent in this regard – in fact, it is often used in industrial settings for this very reason.

3. Eco-Friendly

There was a time when fibreglass insulation wasn't so eco-friendly, but this is because manufacturers used to treat it with formaldehyde, which can damage water, soil, and even your own health. However, the vast majority of manufacturers have now stopped using formaldehyde. This means your fibreglass insulation can be easily recycled once it needs to be replaced. Since fibreglass insulation is itself made from recycled glass using energy-efficient processes, it's a good choice for anyone looking to lower their environmental footprint.

4. Easy to Install

Some types of insulation require special equipment and expert installation, but fibreglass isn't one of them. It's a lightweight and flexible material that is easy to handle and available in several forms, including rolls, loose-fill, spray and batts. This means it can be easily adapted to suit any building project. There are also no safety issues to worry about. As such, fibreglass installation can generally be installed quickly and easily.

5. Cost-Effective

It's always worth taking costs into consideration when you're comparing insulation materials, especially when you need to insulate larger areas, such as loft spaces. As well as being one of the most effective insulation materials, fibreglass is also one of the most affordable in terms of both the material itself and the cost of having it installed. Since fibreglass insulation lasts such a long time, it's also a very good investment. 

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