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Protect Your Floors: How To Care For Your Polished Concrete Flooring

If you're going to invest in concrete polishing for your showroom floor, take steps to protect that investment. Concrete polishing provides a durable, and resilient surface for your showroom. However, polishing does require special care, especially if you want to maintain lasting beauty and durability. Once your contractor has polished the concrete, use the steps provided below to safeguard your investment. 

Protect Entry Points

When it comes to extending the life of your polished concrete floors, the most important thing you can do is protect the entry points. Those are the high traffic areas around the entrances to your showroom. You might not realise this, but customers track a lot of dirt, gravel, and sand into your showroom. Unfortunately, that's the debris that can cause the most damage to your polished concrete. That's where walk-off mats come into the picture. When you install walk-off mats at all of the entrances, your customers can wipe off their shoes before they enter the showroom. That simple step can protect those high-traffic areas from damage. 

Keep Them Clean 

Once you have polished concrete in your showroom, you'll need to keep them clean. First, sweep your floors whenever you plan to mop your floors. Sweeping your floors will remove any dirt and dust that can compromise the finish on your polished concrete floors. Next, mop your polished concrete floors using a mild detergent, and a microfibre mop. This process will remove the grease and grime from your floors. Finally, be sure to buff your polished concrete floors at least once a month. This process will help to preserve the shine and will extend the life of your floor. 

Remove the Grit

Even with walk-off mats, there's always a chance that some grit and grime will appear on your showroom floor. This is especially true when high winds blow through the area. That's why it's important that you keep a microfibre dust mop on hand. Whenever you discover grit on your polished concrete, use the dust mop to remove it as quickly as possible. Routine sweeping should be done throughout the day. 

Clear the Spills

Finally, now that you plan to have polished concrete floors in your showroom, don't let the spills linger. This is especially important where caustic materials are concerned. Harsh chemicals and caustic materials will destroy the finish on your polished concrete floors. The best way to protect your floors is to clean up spills as soon as they happen.