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Are You Looking for an Alternative Piling Solution?

If you have a retaining structure, a mast, large sign or a similar feature that needs to be supported, then you may have been giving some thought to the best way to provide that support. Conventional piling techniques may be able to provide a solid foundation, but they are not always suitable for a variety of reasons. One solution that has been widely adopted is the use of screw piling. Screw piling can be used everywhere from railway engineering to telecommunications and road engineering projects. Here are three reasons that your next project could benefit from using screw piling.

Greatly reduced vibration

One of the biggest problems with traditional piling techniques is that they involve hammering the piles into the ground using a lot of force. The force applied to the pile usually results in a lot of vibration and noise that is disruptive to the surrounding area and can even risk causing damage to surrounding properties. Screw piling works on an entirely different principle. Instead of being hammered into the ground, screw piles are screwed into the ground in just the same way as a screw might enter a piece of wood. Depending on the scale of the piling they could be fitted manually or a hydraulic torque drive might be used. Either option would be quieter than hammering in the piles, which is an important consideration if you are working in a residential neighbourhood.

Ability to support large loads

Despite being screwed rather than hammered screw piling is popular because it still has the ability to support large loads in both tension and compression, this is true whatever angle the screw piling enters the ground, therefore, they can be successfully used in areas that have limited surrounding space.

A quicker solution

Traditional piling techniques frequently rely on the use of equipment that can be expensive to hire and bring on-site, in certain circumstances, limited access might even make the introduction of heavy equipment impossible. Conventional piling can also involve the extraction of large amounts of earth before the piles can be inserted, all of which takes a lot of time. By contrast, screw piling can be completed quickly and efficiently with a smaller carbon footprint. To find out more about the advantages that screw piling could offer to your business operations, speak to your local piling company today. They will be happy to guide you through the benefits of the method and explain to you everything that you need to know.