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Green Building Advice for New Commercial Building Owners

There is no doubt that commercial buildings have a considerable impact on the environment. The amount of energy needed to run your amenities coupled with waste management and other systems are some of the ways that your building will leave its mark on the surroundings. It helps to take this into account and come up with ways of managing your structure's impact on the environment. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is by incorporating green building elements into the building's engineering. The materials you choose from the beginning to the finishing should focus on creating something that doesn't impact the environment badly. Here is some advice to help you achieve this goal:

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Start by going for structural insulated panels over traditional walls to enhance sustainable insulation. SIPs are an excellent building material that comes in the form of structural facings with a foam core sandwiched between the two straight sections. The fabrication of SIPs happens in controlled setups with strict adherence to engineering requirements, and you will receive them ready for installation on the site. They are ideal for forming exterior walls, providing an alternative to unsustainable building materials or traditional building stone and concrete walls. The foam sandwiched between the panels is suitable for energy efficiency and insulation. You will reduce your cooling and heating costs by a large margin.

Smart Roof Tiles

The roof might be your chance to showcase your aesthetic prowess, but it also presents an opportunity to bring in green building elements. Choose a structural engineering design that maximises your roof's exposure to the sun and install solar roof tiles to tap solar energy. The solar tiles are a good option for those who do not fancy the idea of large panels sitting on their roofs.

Use Recycled Materials

Several places allow you to use recycled materials. These reduce the ecological impact of your project by reducing the need to fabricate construction materials from primary raw materials. Start with the structural rebar used to reinforce the slabs, pillars and beams. Recycled steel should suffice for this application. Additionally, you can bring in materials such as recycled wood for roofing beams, sliding bar doors, wall panelling, flooring and ceiling. Recycled metals will also come handy for an ornamental finish. You can use it for decoration and creating accent walls in various spaces.

If you want to set up a large commercial complex, think about green building from the onset. It makes it easy to incorporate the green building from the structural engineering stage. For more information, contact consulting engineers.