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How to Make Your Shower a Seamless Part of the Bathroom

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom and would like to achieve a fully contemporary look? If so, you may want to achieve more of a wet room by eliminating the bathtub altogether and designing a large shower that appears to be a seamless part of the entire room. This may be perfectly feasible as long as you plan the installation properly and take care of the drainage settings; in this case, a linear drain would appear to be the best option. What is this, and what do you need to think about during your design?

Linear Not Circular

A linear drain is, as the name implies, a drain that is effectively straight rather than a traditional circle. It can be more efficient than the old school design and can be particularly useful when designing an open-plan shower.


In this case, the drain can be placed where the door would otherwise have been, and you may be able to set it all up without a barrier of any kind. Be careful with design and installation and give due consideration to waterproofing if you want to achieve your goal with no future problems.

Wall to Wall

In an ideal world, you will want the linear drain to run from one wall to the other wall and be able to evacuate all of your water with no pooling or other issues. If you do want to have a barrier-free shower, then you may need to choose a specific type of linear drain which has a shallower channel.

Waterproofing Approach

If you intend to tile the shower, as most people do, then you can use the latest approach to waterproofing. You may be able to install a fabric sheet underneath the tiles which is attached to the linear drain on its flange. This should provide an impenetrable base and enable the tiles to be laid down in place.

Evacuation Rate

Don't forget to calculate the evacuation rate of the water, which will be based on the flow rate of the shower. You should ask your plumber for help in making these calculations, as this will dictate the configuration of the linear drain. It's also important to know how many litres per minute you will have to deal with, so that the plumber can connect the proper waste line and install everything correctly for your linear shower drainage.

Free to Move

If you pay attention to planning and get expert installation, you can achieve your new look and enjoy your shower with plenty of room to manoeuvre.