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Important Things to Note About Foundation Underpinning

Foundation underpinning is the method used to increase the foundation depth. This could be done if the developer wants to add more storeys to the building. In addition, the foundation may be damaged by the surrounding tree roots, and this method will be used to make corrections. And, if the adjacent constructions have foundations that are lower than the current one, it may need to be lowered. Finally, If the foundation was made to be very close to a building, it might need changing. Learn more about the important points here.

Kinds of Foundation Underpinning

There are two ways of doing foundation underpinning: The first one is to improve the system's foundation by enlarging the current foundation. The second is to add a new foundation to improve soil properties without affecting the building at all. The main aspect that should be considered is the amount of disturbance that the underpinning will cause. Any intervention is a job for structural engineers only, and they should be sufficiently qualified and certified. The reason behind this is that the operation could cause structural damage or even total collapse if it is not correctly done.

The Issue with Underpinning

The main concern with foundation underpinning, or any type of underpinning, is how much time it takes and how big of a mess it causes. There will be excavation and digging involved, which is highly disruptive to everyday life. For instance, the concrete needs two days for it to set. The operation will be repeated, and it will continue until the foundation is complete.  


Subsidence refers to the gradual sinking of an area of land that causes the building to become uneven because of weak ground support. There are different causes of subsidence, including extreme weather conditions. It will cause soil moisture content to expand or contract. The nearby excavations will cause ground vibrations, and both these and the loose soil during construction can cause subsidence. It can also happen on large parts of the foundation or in just a small area. After some time, it will progress, and it can even happen overnight if there are major movements in the structure.

When subsidence has been affected by supporting ground, the foundations may no longer be adequate, which results in unexpected structural damage. The sinking floors and building wall cracks can all affect the building's safety.

You need to know all of this important information about foundation underpinning if you need to have it done to your building or home. Reach out to a company like Pro-Pin Professional Underpinning for more information.