Are You Planning Construction Work? Read On

Does your company need a commercial lift installation?

How do people and goods move around your commercial building? If your premises covers one or two floors, it may be possible to easily move around, especially if you don't need to carry anything heavy between floors. If the building is taller, or if there are regular movements of stock between the floors, you could benefit from a commercial lift installation. Here are several ways that a commercial lift installation could be advantageous to your business.

Speed of access

If you work in a building with multiple floors, you may be fit and healthy enough to walk up several floors to get where you need to go, but can everyone do that? Even younger employees will slow down if they need to traverse the stairs multiple times a day. Older or less physically able employees may struggle to climb to the top of the stairs promptly. Another concern could be the delay caused by passing people travelling in the opposite direction. By arranging for a commercial lift installation, you can enable everyone to move around the building with ease. No longer will you need to waste time waiting for people to arrive before you can start the meeting, or find that you must repeat yourself because people continually arrive late.

Ease of stock movement

It's common to think that all lifts must be used for people, but a commercial lift installation can also make it easier to transport stock around the building. Perhaps, the stock is stored on one floor and used on another floor? Maybe, building a product starts on one floor and is continued by a department on each floor until it reaches the top of the building? When you need to move a box or a trolley of goods between floors, using the stairs can be difficult. Why strain your arms carrying heavy boxes on the stairs. A lift can move things more quickly with less risk of an accident.

Planning a commercial lift installation

When thinking about a commercial lift installation, you must consider the layout of your building. The installation company will need to do a site inspection to determine what is and isn't possible on your site. The lift installation company will also ask you about the type of life you want, whether it must be visible to everyone, or whether it should be more inconspicuous. Another question you must consider is how fast you want the lift to move between floors.

For more information on commercial lift installation, contact a company near you.