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Are You in Need of a Shower Screen?

When you take a shower, you are probably most concerned about the water coming out of the shower head. You will want to be sure that sufficient water is emerging and that the water is at the right pressure and temperature. One part of the shower that you may not give much thought to is the shower screen. However, ignoring the shower screen could be a mistake. Shower screens play a vital role in protecting your floor and keeping all the water in the shower. The practical benefits of fitting shower screens are obvious when you shower, but sometimes they can break, wear out or start to look scruffy. If you need a new screen, you might find that choosing the best shower screens can be more complicated than you thought. Here are three things to think about before investing in a new screen.  

Is it strong enough?

If you are replacing a broken shower screen, you don't want to be replacing the screen again soon, so ensure that you invest in a screen that has the durability to survive daily use by your family. Frameless shower screens may have an attractive appearance, but can you be sure that regular rough treatment by young children won't cause them to fail? A strong, framed shower screen could be a safer alternative for many families. Before you decide, look at the available options, and perhaps, ask your family for input to ensure that everyone knows how to use the new screen safely.

Is it easy to use?

Shower screens will always be a big part of your life. You will, no doubt, take a shower most days, and you won't want to be always struggling to move the screen into position. Before you start considering shower screens, think about the type that you find easiest to use and how the screen will fit into your bathroom layout. You might prefer to have a bifold screen, a sliding screen, or one that opens outwards. You must balance ease of use with the available space in the bathroom. An outward-opening shower screen might be the quickest way to enter the shower, but you could find that the screen is constantly in the way, even when you are not using the shower.

Does it darken the bathroom?

One common problem in bathrooms is a lack of natural light. Often, bathrooms are small and bathroom windows are even smaller. If you struggle to get sufficient light in your bathroom, the last thing you want is a big framed shower screen blocking the light and casting a shadow that makes the room darker. Look for shower screens that allow the light to pass through them and maintain the natural light in the room.