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Bathroom Waterproofing: Discover Why It's Critical for Every Homeowner

A lot of homeowners spend thousands of dollars trying to repair water damage in their homes. Unfortunately, this happens because of losses that they could have easily avoided if they took preventative measures. Water damage in the bathroom occurs slowly and is hard to notice. It could start with the tiles that were installed without sealing or even a burst pipe. By the time the homeowner notices a problem with their structure, the little damage will have turned into a serious problem. 

The best way to avoid all these complications is by ensuring you properly waterproof your bathroom. This helps arrest water damage before it occurs. And since bathroom waterproofing isn't a DIY task, get professional contractors to help you do it. Here are three main reasons to invest in professional bathroom waterproofing.

It Helps Stop Mould Growth

The first benefit that you get from quality waterproofing is that it helps minimise dampness in the bathroom. Moisture is the leading cause of mould damage in most homes. You will know that your home is getting a mould damage attack when black and brown stains start developing on the walls. When mould grows on the grout between the tiles, it gives your bathroom a permanent dull appearance. 

Waterproofing ensures that no water seeps between the tiles and accesses the substrate. When the bathroom remains nice and dry, you solve the mould problem. Note that water damage caused by a poorly maintained bathroom also leads to structural damage to the house. It will cost you later because you might have to repair the weakened floors and damaged walls.

It Keeps the Bathroom Warm

The other benefit of waterproofing the bathroom is that it is a way of insulating the house. When water starts seeping into the wall behind the tiles, the bathroom gets extremely cold in the winter. You will need to heat the bathroom to make it a comfortable place to shower in. But when you waterproof the bathroom, you prevent this problem from happening, saving you the money you could have otherwise used on heating bills. 

It Increases the Value of Your Property

The other benefit you get when you waterproof your bathroom is that it raises your property's value. A house with mould, ruined tiles and visible leaks on the bathroom roof will not be pleasant for a prospective buyer. 

Choose a contractor to help waterproof your bathroom before it gets damaged. It will preserve the beauty, safety and structural integrity of your bathroom and the entire house.