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3 Reasons Why Tubular Skylights Are A Perfect Addition To Your Eco-Friendly, New-Build Home

There are many reasons to buy land and build your own home instead of moving into a pre-built home. Building your own home gives you absolute control over its design, allows you to use the most modern materials and eliminates the possibility of dangerous asbestos exposure in older buildings. 

However, perhaps the most important reason to choose a newly built home is that it gives you the ability to create an eco-friendly, energy efficient home from the ground up. There are many design features you can implement in your new home to make it more environmentally friendly, from double-glazed windows to biodegradable insulation, and adding tubular skylight windows to your new home's design plan can be very useful if you intend to construct a thoroughly green home.

Why should you install tubular skylights in your eco-friendly, new-build home?

Excellent source of natural light

Unlike conventional skylights, which are flat panels of glass very similar to those installed in your windows, tubular skylights consist of a raised glass or plastic dome that protrudes above the roof of your newly constructed home. Although they are smaller than conventional skylights, their unique design reflects and refracts sunlight, so they allow a great deal of light into your home comparative to their size.

Adding tubular skylights to your home can provide a significant amount of natural light without investing in large, expensive picture skylights. Their compact size means they can be installed over smaller rooms that ordinarily receive little or no natural light, such as corridors and guest bathrooms. Installing tubular skylights in carefully chosen positions around your home can significantly reduce your reliance on artificial lighting during the day, lowering your home's energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Superior heat insulation

Tubular skylights are smaller than conventional skylights, and their glass or plastic domes are much thicker than the glass or plastic in a flat skylight. This means they trap warm and/or cool air inside your home much more effectively than most types of skylights, while costing significantly less.

With less heat exchange occurring through your skylights, you can afford to rely on your air conditioning and/or heating system much less during particularly hot or cold weather. Consequently, installing tubular skylights will not undermine your home's heat insulation plan to a significant degree, even if you install multiple tubular skylights throughout your building.

Inexpensive and quick to install

Building a new home using the latest eco-friendly building practises and materials can get expensive quickly, so the lower cost of tubular skylights compared to regular skylights makes them a very attractive option. Tubular skylights are also significantly easier and cheaper to install than conventional skylights. Unlike conventional skylights, tubular skylights do not require your roof rafters and ceiling joists to be reinforced before they are installed, saving you time and money that would otherwise be spent on expensive labour.