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Ducted Vs. Split Air Conditioning: Which Option is Ideal?

Are you wondering if you should install a split or ducted air conditioning in your home? Well, purchasing an ideal air conditioning system can be challenging; you have to weigh the benefits and cons before you make a final decision. Each type is suitably provided to suit your lifestyle and budget. This article shall outline the differences to help you make the best choice. 

Ducted air conditioning

Ducted systems are designed to be integrated into the building's wall cavity and ceiling, and will help cool your home. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning uses insulated ducts or pipes in your ceiling cavity or floor to circulate cool air around the home. Grills or vents are installed in rooms you would like to cover, then a programmable control panel is used to specify when the system runs as well as the required temperature. If you have a smart home, you still have an option of integrating this system then control it via an app or mounted panel.

Ducted air con systems are costly to purchase and install, although their operating cost will be offset in due time. Acquiring a suitable system for a reliable company can help minimise the running expenses.

Split systems

Split systems are another popular type of cooling system that is used in most offices and homes throughout the globe. It comprises of a head unit (that's usually mounted high on walls) with a compressor/condenser installed on the roof, balcony or wall outdoors.

A split system is only meant for one room, so buying and installing a single unit won't be costly. However, the overall cost is determined by the number of units you need for your rooms; the more the rooms, the more you'll pay. Due to their low energy demands, the cost of running a split system is generally lower compared to what you will pay to run a ducted air con.

Which system should you choose?

If you are searching for a discreet air conditioning system for your home and you have the funds, a ducted air con system will probably be the right choice. However, if you require air conditioning for a room or wouldn't mind having several compressors installed outside your house, go for a split system. Regardless of the system you choose, make sure you get an air conditioner that has the right capacity to cool your space. Additionally, get a system that comes with a high energy-star rating to make sure you get the most for every energy kilowatt the system uses.