Are You Planning Construction Work? Read On

How to Prepare for Home Extensions

If your home is too small, you may want to extend it to create room for a garage, extra bedroom, living area, kitchen, or deck. This article discusses the various considerations you should make when planning home extensions. 


Ask a draftsman or architect to prepare technical drawings for your planned extensions. The professional should visit your home to get a better understanding of the landscape and the proposed extensions. His or her design should either blend with or improve your home's general appeal. The professional will provide you with a visual representation of the home extension and a blueprint drawing to guide the builder. Do not be shy to ask for changes if you are not satisfied with his or her work.


Ask the draftsman or a quantity surveyor to prepare a budget for the extension. The budget should include the materials needed, labour costs and any extra expenses you might incur. If you do not have the cash at hand, take out a construction loan to help you complete the proposed works. Remember to negotiate the terms to ensure you have an easy time repaying the loan. 


Find a suitable contractor to conduct the home extension. The contractor should be reputable for quality finishes and observing deadlines and should have a lot of experience with home extensions. He or she should also be licensed by the relevant authorities and should also be a member of a professional body. Below is a short guide to help you interview the contractor. 

Most contractors will source materials, but if you have adequate time, you can save some money by buying the materials yourself.


Most home extensions involve demolitions work. You may have to pull down a wall or an entire section of your home. Below are some safety measures to take.