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Three Simple Guidelines for Strengthening Your Timber Attic Trusses

Timber trusses are favoured in home construction because the design leaves an open space at the centre for the attic. This space can be used for living purposes or as storage room. In general, this exposed framework will provide long-term service after the initial construction. However, in some cases, the trusses might become weaker with time. For example, if the roof is almost flat and the local area experiences heavy snows, the structure might weaken due to the excess weight. If this is the case in your house, you should plan for a strengthening project. Here are practical steps to help you perform this task with ease.

Measure the Weakened Trusses

You should determine the specific trusses that you would like to strengthen or repair in your attic. You should first perform a visual examination of the framework. Then, you can measure the trusses after making a decision on the structured you would like to improve. You should measure the length and the width of the trusses for the purpose of preparing the repair or reinforcing materials. You should note that most timber trusses are built in standard dimensions. However, this might not be the case in your home, especially if the building is old. Carrying out your own measurements will ensure success.

Prepare the Plywood Sheeting

Next, you should obtain plywood boards. This wooden material will serve as your repair or bracing material for the project. Under ideal circumstances, you will need to apply your obtained measurements to this plywood sheeting. This process will allow you to get perfect materials for attic truss strengthening. When cutting the plywood, you should remember to make two sections of repair material so that you will install each on either side of the timber truss. Also, you should cut the plywood along the grain to minimise edge imperfections. It is important to note that other building materials such as lumber and steel can be used as bracers. These alternatives are valuable if high truss strength is essential. However, in home construction, plywood is strong enough for reinforcing the structure.

Install the Attic Truss Bracers

Finally, you should attach your prepared plywood bracers to your attic trusses. You should place the individual units on each side of the framing member. The process of holding the plywood after alignment can be strenuous and difficult. Therefore, you should attach the material with wood glue first for temporary support. Then, clamp the plywood pieces in place and use suitable wood screws to attach the plywood to the trusses permanently.