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Modern Features of Smart Locking Systems

With many different components of life being revolutionised by technology, the traditional door lock has not been left behind. The lock and key method that many people are used to is slowly being replaced by more modern locking mechanisms. These locks are capable of receiving instructions from mobile devices and computer applications in order to open or close when necessary.

Indeed, smart locking systems take door security and access control to the next level. They contain a wide variety of features that set them apart from traditional door locks both in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Mobile control via remote devices

Smart locks get their name from their ability to receive signals remotely from portable devices. Bluetooth technology (particularly Bluetooth low energy-BLE) has been harnessed to transmit signals from a locking system to a mobile device. This means that you can now program your smart locks to open or close without using a physical key.

This is a great way of granting access to people when you're not home or near the door itself. The name "smart" in smart locks refers to this remote and automated functionality.

Keyless entry

Smart locks can be operated without the need for keys. This keyless mechanism can be used to program when the doors are locked/unlocked, and which people have access to the premises at any given time.

In fact, smart locks can be programmed by the day, or even by the hour. You can also customise the current settings of the doors whenever necessary. Without relying on physical keys, keyless entry provides a simple, smart and flexible method for access control throughout the entire premises.

Aesthetic appeal

Traditional door locks are not the most attractive to look at. Dead bolts and other types of locks tend to rust over time and lose their attractiveness. You can spice up the appearance of your home by replacing these dead bolts with smart locks.

Most smart lock designs are made to appear unique and attractive. From digital displays with multiple colours to quality aluminium framing, smart locks are simply a joy to look at. They certainly give your home the modern look that you may have always wanted.

Social features

Some smart locks come with additional functions that are embedded within the mobile application. For example, you can keep track of who entered the home and when, while providing access to specific people that you choose.

Smart locks are also capable of keeping a log of who entered the home so you can review and adjust access as necessary. For more information, contact a local locksmith.