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2 Key Aspects to Contemplate When Designing the Foundation of Your House

Every new house requires a robust foundation to last long. The foundation is the all-important part of a house that supports the entire structure, so it is important to carefully think about its design before beginning construction on your project. Here are a number of critical aspects to be considered when doing foundation work for your new home. 

Soil type and the load-bearing potential of the soil

The type of soil on which your house will stand, and the properties of the soil, will influence the design of your foundation greatly. This because the soil at the ground on which your house and its foundation will be built will have to carry the combined weight of the structure and its foundation. For this reason, it is important that you enlist the services of a soil engineer prior to commencement of your construction project. The engineer will test and analyse your soil, but also analyse the natural surroundings to determine the maximum structural weight the ground can support. 

Generally speaking, the soil present at the jobsite should be strong and stable enough to carry the weight of the entire building plus its foundation for a long time. If they are not, you will need to look for ways of stabilising the soil before you can start building your house's foundation on it.

Topography of your construction site

The natural features and surroundings of the place where you intend to build your new house can also impact the decision on what type of foundation is appropriate. What is the depth of the topsoil? How deep is the water table? How steep is the land on which you want to build your house? Is the land close to a river, stream or other water courses? All these factors can impact the design of your house's foundation, so make sure they are taken into account. For example, it the water in the ground is too close to the ground surface, it may not be feasible to carry out excavations for foundation-construction purposes. 

A smart way to go about designing your house's foundation is to consult a local contractor on what type of foundation would work for you. A reputable foundation contractor will probably know the foundations selected for local buildings and what type of foundations to give a wide berth. For this reason, they can help you choose the right foundation for your house.