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Which scaffolding design is right for you?

If you need to work at height then scaffolding is always the safest option. Why risk struggling to maintain your balance on a ladder when scaffolding can provide a large stable platform from which to work? Deciding that you need to use scaffolding is an easy decision but which type of scaffolding is right for your job? Not all scaffolding is the same, and you need to select the best scaffolding for your requirements.

Which scaffolding is right for your job?

There are a number of factors that you must consider when selecting your scaffolding. Safety is obviously of paramount Importance, but in addition to keeping you safe the scaffolding design must also allow you to work easily and access the section of the building you need to reach. If you need to work on the roof of the building the scaffolding design you need will be completely different to the design that would be appropriate for someone doing rendering or painting. Having the right scaffolding tower is essential to the successful completion of your project.

Safety first

Knowing how your scaffolding will be used allows you to choose the scaffolding design that is right for you. The next stage of the selection process is to ensure that the scaffolding tower you are being offered is suitable for your needs.

You must choose scaffolding that complies with the appropriate legal safety standards, and you know exactly how to assemble the scaffolding so that it will be erected safely and remain stable while in use. Check that the scaffolding is capable of bearing the full weight of both your workers and all their equipment. Look for safety features such as; safe guardrails and stabilisers to ensure they are included as standard, if you aren't certain what's included then don't be afraid to ask questions. It is better to double check, and to be certain that your workers are safe, than to have the scaffolding arrive on site and discover that it doesn't fit together in the way you expected.

Taking the time to select the right scaffolding tower for your purposes is the best way to ensure that your project is completed quickly and safely. Don't take a risk and pick something that is 'almost right'. Talk to your supplier today, they will help you select a scaffolding tower that is perfect for your needs, so you can get your job done right.