Are You Planning Construction Work? Read On

Why choose concrete slab flooring?

Concrete slabs may not be the first solution that comes to mind when you are thinking about installing a new floor in your home but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider them. There are lots of great reasons for choosing concrete slab flooring instead of a traditional wooden flooring. Here are four of the most important reasons that you should think about introducing concrete slabs into your home.

An economical choice

Concrete slab floors are one of the less expensive flooring options. The raw materials are less expensive than many alternatives and the actual process of laying the flooring is fairly fast meaning that labour costs often work out to be lower than other types of floor.

A durable choice

Concrete slabs are long lasting. A wooden floor has a much greater likelihood of rotting or breaking than one constructed from concrete slabs. If you take appropriate care of your concrete floor then you will have a surface that will serve you well for many decades.

A colourful choice

It used to be the case that concrete was only available in a rather dull and unattractive grey colour, meaning that the only way to hide a boring concrete floor was to cover it with a carpet. Recent advances in construction have changed this and now it is possible to use acid stain to create concrete slabs in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Whatever you are planning acid stained concrete slabs can now make a great addition to your home in a way that is both attractive and practical.

An insulated choice

Traditionally, one of greatest problems with using concrete slabs for home flooring was that concrete is such a good conductor of heat that the slabs drained all of the heat out of your home and straight into the ground. Today this is much less of a problem since a properly laid concrete slab floor can be fitted with a reflective insulation coating that minimises the drain of energy from your home and ensures that your new concrete flooring isn't constantly unpleasantly cold to the touch.

Concrete slabs can make a long-lasting but economical flooring solution for any home. Why not talk to your floor suppler today to find out how a concrete slab floor could benefit your home? They will be happy to discuss your flooring options and answer any questions you may have about your new concrete floor.