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Glass Splashbacks — Chic Designs to Spruce Up Your Kitchen's Appearance

If you are remodelling your kitchen and want to improve its appearance dramatically without having to change out everything, new splashbacks can be an excellent choice. However, do not make the mistake of leaning toward conventional tile under the assumption that it is the most accessible material to work with. Instead, think out of the box so that you can add a trendy touch to your kitchen by making a statement. One luxe material that is steadily becoming an Australian staple is glass. Here are some chic designs for your glass splashbacks that would be an astounding addition to your kitchen.

White gloss splashbacks

If you like a clean and minimalist appearance in your kitchen but do not want to limit your options to bland ceramic tiles, white gloss splashbacks would be a perfect choice. As implied by the name, these splashbacks are made from glass that is painted white, which allows them to create an illusion of enhanced hygiene in your kitchen. Moreover, the glossy finish of the glass is highly reflective. Therefore, you can be assured that the splashbacks will stand out whenever natural or artificial light hits them. A pro tip that you can utilise when installing white gloss splashbacks is to opt for large blocks of glass rather than standard-size tiles. The large surface of the splashbacks will make your kitchen look bigger than it is, making them ideal for small spaces.

Cracked ice splashbacks

Homeowners that prefer unique visual elements to make their residence stand out from their neighbours' will be delighted with cracked ice splashbacks. As implied by the name, these splashbacks are distinguished by having a fragmented appearance. The splashbacks are made from toughened glass ,so you don't have to be concerned about them being fragile or completely breaking apart when exposed to impact. Take note that these splashbacks comprise several layers of glass. Therefore, to create the cracked appearance on the surface, the manufacturers will manually break the rear sheet of glass before it is set with resin and tempered for strength. When the splashbacks are complete, they have a spectacular display similar to that of the fissures and cracks that can be seen in ice! 

Mirrored splashbacks

Homeowners who want to put an emphasis on illumination and create an illusion of enhanced space in their small kitchen should consider installing mirrored splashbacks. The mirrored surface has a proclivity for bouncing off any light that hits its surface, which is perfect if you do not have adequate lighting in your kitchen. Moreover, the mirrored glass comes in various metallic colour options including gold, silver, bronze and even copper, which add a luxe touch to your kitchen.