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2 Alternative Uses For The Traditional Backyard Granny Flat

Granny flats have been a popular and iconic addition to Australian homes for decades. They were originally built as a small, separate dwelling for aging parents or grandparents who no longer felt comfortable living alone but weren't quite ready to move into an aged care facility. These days, many people still build granny flats for this purpose, but they also have multiple other uses. Here are two great ways to use a purpose-built, independent and self-contained granny flat in your backyard.

1. As a home office

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in people running small businesses from their home. There has also been a shift towards flexible working conditions that allow full-time workers to work remotely or from home for a portion of their working week. Many people who work from home, either full-time or part-time, say that having a dedicated space that is separate from their home is vital for productivity.

A granny flat makes an ideal space for working from. You may need a quiet office area away from the distractions of home life, a dedicated and well-equipped workshop that can be left in situ each day, unlike a corner of your dining room, or a venue for your yoga classes, painting workshops or massage and beauty treatment clients.

2. As an income supplement

Many parts of the country are experiencing a rental crisis, with a dearth of affordable housing being competed for by an increasing number of potential tenants. This means that a granny flat in your backyard can be a valuable income supplement if you're willing to share your backyard and rent it out to paying tenants.

You can rent your granny flat out as a long-term tenancy or as a holiday letting through an online booking company. Holiday lettings give you a better rate per night, but there's no guarantee of year-round bookings. Long-term letting will give you a lower nightly or weekly rate but is a better choice if you'd prefer a steady income from your granny flat.

Whether you'd like to build a granny flat for the traditional purpose of providing a home for an elderly relative or you'd like a building that can be adapted for a variety of purposes, using an experienced contractor is imperative. They can help to ensure that the design will meet all of your needs as well as making sure that your new structure complies with any local, state or federal guidelines regarding this type of building.