Are You Planning Construction Work? Read On

Why conducting a thorough site analysis matters

When considering a building project you must start the design process by establishing whether or not the land you have is suitable for your project. This evaluation process usually takes the form of a site analysis that results in a graphical sketch of the land showing all of the important environmental information relating to the site. This analysis will demonstrate whether your development is viable at that location and will act as a starting point for the environment-related strategies used during the design and construction stages.

Initial steps in your site analysis

Anyone you engage to undertake a site analysis will begin their work long before they visit the location. Their analysis must consider not just the obvious physical features which are apparent on the ground but also whether there are any rights of way, planning restrictions or preservation orders in force. They must also look at the history of the site, and what services may be connected to the site. Further areas of interest will include the degree of flood risk associated with the land, the rights of any existing tenants, the prevailing climatic conditions and the sun paths over the area.

What will the site analysis cover?

Once the reach the site, the individual conducting the analysis will need to look at the surrounding area in addition to the piece of land under evaluation. A typical site analysis will look at:

What happens you receive your site analysis?

When you receive the final site analysis all of the relevant information should be presented in a clear, understandable format that allows you to determine whether your land is suitable for your intended building project. The analysis will make it clear not only what difficulties the site itself may present but what accommodations you may need to make to fit in with any nearby existing developments and get your new building work approved.

If you are considering any building work then make sure you begin your project with a detailed site analysis to determine what challenges you may face. Conducting a proper site analysis before you start is the safest way to avoid problems developing later in the construction process.