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Applications of Commercial Concrete

As opposed to concrete used for residential purposes, commercial concrete often needs to be highly durable, more efficient to install, and more cost-effective to maintain. It's designed through a special mixing process that incorporates the necessary ingredients to give commercial concrete its unique features. There are many different applications for commercial concrete, including floors, walls, sidewalks, and other structures.

Commercial concreters offer several applications, designs and finishes for concrete surfaces. Here are some of the most common applications of commercial concreting.

Retail flooring

In any retail space, the floor is more than just a surface to walk on. Floors are also advertising channels where the business can attract more customers by installing attractive concrete floor designs in reception areas, storefronts, and lounges. Commercial concrete is often used to design floors in retail spaces to be durable, attractive, and easy to maintain. A variety of finishes are typically used to add aesthetic appeal to the look of the floors.

When installing retail flooring, commercial concreters often need to pay attention to detail where they can produce fine colours, well-defined logos and durable floors in areas with high traffic.


Most sidewalks you walk on are made of commercial concrete. This type of concrete is mixed using a special process where resins are added to enhance durability and simplify the installation process.

Due to the incredible durability of commercial concrete, sidewalks can be installed that are able to withstand the sun, heavy rainfall, moisture, and physical damage.

Restaurant floors

Commercial concrete also plays an important role in the designing of restaurant floors. In any restaurant, the floors have a lot of expectations. Not only do they need to be durable against high traffic, spills, and scratches but also they need to be slip resistant, easy to clean, and flexible to customise.

Commercial concrete comes in handy as a great material to use in designing restaurant floors. Not only are they convenient and easy to maintain, but also they are more cost-effective than many other materials out there. Commercial concreters can install industry-strong concrete floors with the comfortable and inviting feel of a restaurant.

School and church floors

The floors in school and churches experience very heavy traffic on a daily basis. Such institutions need a material that is easy to install and maintain. Commercial concrete comes in handy as a great choice because it is durable and cost-effective to install.

To minimise disruptions in the daily activities of these institutions, the floors need to be easy to clean and require repairs only once in a while. Luckily, commercial concrete is specially mixed for longevity, and it minimises the risk of floor damage.